Rock Band Program (FIRE)

The Fenton Institute for Rock Excellence is a youth music program brought to you by A Joyful Noise Music Studio. FIRE has been inspiring young musicians since 2007. FIRE allows students the opportunity to achieve musical excellence by connecting them with other young musicians and instructing them how to harmonize and coordinate together to form a unique and skilled band of their own.

Becoming a member of FIRE, presents each student with the exciting opportunity to learn and perform in a group setting, which can be both fun and challenging for the student looking for a nontraditional way to sharpen their skill. Admission is open to elementary through high-school aged students. No audition is required for admission, but an assessment will be conducted so that students can be placed in a band appropriate for their age, skill level, and level of commitment. Enrollment in private lessons is always recommended, but only required if the student needs more one-on-one instruction than what can be offered in group rehearsal.

Each student is strategically placed in a band that best suits there individual needs for growth and success. To ensure each band and it’s members are able to reach their maximum potential, a two tiered placement system has been developed. Students are placed in either an Opening Act or a Headliner band. Opening Act bands are for beginners or students who can only commit to a weekly one hour rehearsal. Headliner bands are for advanced students who are willing and able to make a stronger commitment to their FIRE band.

FIRE is a program for high-achieving students who are devoted to their studies, practice regularly, and are committed to working with fellow band members to craft ROCK EXCELLENCE! Members of FIRE will be able to showcase their talent for an audience at various scheduled performances throughout the year. Every spring, FIRE bands put on a concert for area residents in downtown Fenton.

Students are expected to commit to the program for entire season, which kicks off in September and breaks in May after the Spring concert. Respectfully consider the commitment you are making to your band members when you sign up for FIRE. Your band members are counting on you to be present for rehearsals and performances!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our FIRE program, download the enrollment form and bring a completed copy by A Joyful Noise Music Studio at your earliest convenience.

If you are interested in sponsoring our FIRE Program, your contribution will directly benefit students with the purchase of new rock band gear for students, merchandise for the bands to wear and sell, and performance venue rentals.

For additional questions, contact us today!